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Netria Overview

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Take a look into our overview video to learn a little more about how Netria can benefit you!

Netria Corporation is a second source independent distributor that can help you increase margins and win more deals! Our team can help you find current, constrained and recently discontinued product from a variety of manufacturers. Our expertise is finding new product below current distribution pricing will benefit your company and your customers.

"The ability to work across multiple product lines and manufacturers sets Netria apart from our competitors."

Over 16 Years in the Business

Netria has been helping Distributors, VAR’s and Integrators source hard-to-find, constrained or discontinued product since 2003. We have been able to cultivate worldwide sources of manufacturers and trusted vendors who have access to a wide variety of products.

Your Trusted Partner

Netria is a trusted sourcing partner for many of the largest distributors, VARs and retailers in North America. We often act as an extension of our partners purchasing departments, by taking on the responsibility of sourcing product lines and materials outside of our partners normal requirements.

As an employee owned company (ESOP), every employee has a vested interest in making your experience with Netria a positive one.  Our goal is to make Netria, so easy to work with, that you can’t help but choose us as your primary Second Source Distributor.

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