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Account Managers

Irvin Moyer,
Senior Account Manager


Irvin Moyer is the lead sales representative for his team and is responsible for developing new relationships with prospective customers and ensuring his existing customers are receiving superior customer service. Irvin has been with Netria for close to 10 years and prides himself on being an industry expert.

Eric Gunst,
Senior Account Manager


Eric comes to Netria after holding several sales positions in the IT industry, and he has been with the Netria team for 5 years. Eric specifically worked at PC Connection in the SMB division helping the company grow revenues. Eric has been able to leverage and apply his experience to Netria within the Account Executive role. Eric supports several accounts, and is dedicated to his customers needs.

Matthew Gunst,
Account Manager

Matt Gunst Pic.jpeg

Matt comes to Netria with 5 years’ experience in the industry with a heavy background in Customer Service.  He understands the need to get information to his customers quickly and has been a great asset to the team thus far.  Matt is an avid Hockey and Lacrosse player in various leagues along with his brother Eric who has been with Netria for 5+ years.  Matt has brought a good, fun attitude to the office and we can’t wait to see him grow his business.

Paul Bogonis,
Account Manager

paul pic.GIF

Paul comes to Netria with 5 years’ experience in the industry with a strong background in Customer Service.  Paul focuses on both commercial and government accounts and has been successful in the position by offering excellent customer service to his customers.  Paul's attention to detail allows him to successfully help his customers with their needs.


Alexis Samaluk,
Senior Administrative Specialist


Alexis is the Senior Administration Specialist at Netria and enjoys the challenging aspects of administration. Alexis enjoys, and excels at processing the more difficult orders that require special attention. Alexis is also responsible for processing the company’s return material authorizations. Alexis mentors the other administration employees and assists them with any challenges that arise. 

Amber Todd,
Procurement Specialist


Amber serves as the procurement specialist at Netria. She is responsible for reviewing and purchasing all orders and works across all teams to provide insights on purchasing trends. Amber prides herself on her attention to detail and time management. 


Larisa Piotrowski,
Controller / HR Duties


Larisa is Netria’s heart and soul of the Accounting team.  She is truly dedicated to her job and takes a lot of pride in her work.  Larisa is responsible for supervising accounting staff as well as all collection and payable activities to name a few.  She enjoys the challenge of identifying and solving problems. Working closely with all our customers and staff to ensure customer issues are addressed and resolved timely. 

Amanda Bettencourt,
AR/AP Specialist


Amanda advanced from receptionist to Accounts Payable assistant in less than a year. Amanda ensures all of our Account Payable invoices are entered timely and efficiently to ensure prompt payment to our suppliers. Amanda also assists in other Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable activities. 

Carla Farina,
AR/AP Specialist


Carla has recently joined the accounting department and has fit in seamlessly. Carla processes all of our customer’s invoices and verifies the information for accuracy. She also assists in other various Accounts Receivable activities to ensure a positive customer experience.

Sales Support

Julie Burd
Quote Specialist


Julie is results-oriented, and brings some needed experience to the table within her role as a Quoting Specialist.  She has years in this industry and we rely on her attention to detail to help support Irvin, Matt and Paul with quote requests that come their way.  


Amy Cregan
E-Commerce Manager


Amy is the E-commerce Manager. She oversees the company's online sales. Which includes buying and selling product through multiple Web platforms. Amy has extensive knowledge of where and when to sell all product online.


Jerry Severino
Warehouse Manager


Jerry has been with Netria for 10 years and is the Warehouse Manager. Jerry has over 30 years’ experience in the warehouse and logistics fields. He prides himself on running a safe and efficient warehouse. Jerry trains and mentors the other warehouse personnel. Jerry ensures the best packaging and care of our products so they arrive to our clients in the best possible condition.


Sarah Chesbrough,


Sarah brings more than 25 years’ experience to Netria. Sarah has been with Netria since its inception in 2003. Her top priority is operational excellence ensuring the best customer experience. Sarah prides herself on being a mentor for the employees and fostering a culture of collaboration and team work by identifying and nurturing employees’ strengths.

Jeff Pitcher,
Director of Sales


Jeff has over 12 years’ experience at Netria and is not only a great resource and advocate for Netria's customers, but he also Brings his 9 years of Sales experience as a solid background as the Director of Sales.  Jeff is a great coach and mentor to the Sales Team.


Bill McKone and Ray Southworth are the Trustees of Netria.
They have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets of the trust for the beneficiaries, including the stock that represents a retirement benefit for employees. The trustees also have a number of duties to carry out on behalf of the trust, including negotiating the ESOP's corporate stock purchase and engaging an independent third party to appraise the corporate stock each year. 

Ray Southworth,


In 2003 Ray founded Netria with partner Bill McKone, as a leading secondary sourcing company for IT VARs. After over 10 years of owning the company, Ray decided to turn Netria into an employee owned company in 2014. Today, as the Chief Operating Officer, Ray sets the vision and overall direction for the organization while managing the day-to-day operations of the company. Ray brings over 30 years of IT/Technology experience to the role and has held various senior leadership roles at several leading IT companies.

Bill McKone,


Bill McKone founded Netria alongside Ray Southworth in 2003. Before jumping into the IT world, Bill held various leadership positions in the wine industry for over 25 years. Since then Bill has become an IT expert and supports many accounts across North America.

Account Managers
Sales Support
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