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Interesting Products from March

Quantis Appliance 2.0

This gadget is a quantum random number generator that can be used for security applications as well as online gaming. It is web-based, can support multiple applications simultaneously, and gives lives status and health report updates. If you’re looking to encrypt or add authentication to a system or avoid tampering with your online games, this is definitely the tool for you!

Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses

These glasses cater to the industry demand for certified eye protection with market-leading AR technology. The glasses offer a hands-free connection between the digital world and real world, providing access to location-based information, data collection, as well as remote support communications with both audio and video. These spectacles also offer voice control and built-in speakers, noise-cancelling technology, and can even be made with prescription lenses. Additionally, these come equipped with WIFI and Bluetooth, making their application an endless array of opportunity.

Tucker Murphy Pet Alan 20 G. Square Aquarium Tank

If you’re surprised to see an aquarium on this list, you’re not the only one! Seeing this come through our warehouse was definitely a first. This acrylic aquarium tank is electrically powered and has a capacity of 20 gallons. Additionally, this tank weighs 45 pounds, is 5.8 feet tall, and is 1 foot wide. Your small fish will look great in this aesthetically-pleasing fish tank and it’s narrow width makes it perfect for small spaces.

Mobilus Labs Helmet

This hands-free, friction-free, and ear-piece-free helmet allows workers to communicate at any distance, to teams of any size. The mobiWAN and mobiTWO devices provide hands free and ear free bone conduction voice transfer both online (VoIP) and offline (“Walkie Talkie”) for frictionless and noise free voice communications in extreme environments. The applications for these helmets include: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Rail, Utilities, Logistics, Shipping, Emergency Response, and Construction. This has to be one of the most versatile items we’ve sourced!

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