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New Changes at Netria!

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

New Roles At Netria

Netria has made some instrumental changes recently. These changes focus on making the best possible customer experience. We have implemented a new strategy in which we do business. Making sure the customer is always first.

In the past our Account managers were in charge of growing customers, maintaining said customers, and trying to provide customer support. We have restructured the teams to make a quick and easy process. The new system has three primary components.

1. Dedicated Sales Manager

2. Quote Optimization Specialist

3. Customer Service Representative

With each employee solely focusing on their role, they work together to create the best experience possible.

How customers are benefiting from the new changes!

1. Customer Service and Experience

- Optimization of the customer experience

- Immediate Support

- Liaison between your account manager and operations

- Successful Order Entries

2. Sales Roles

- Establishing Partnerships

- 2 Hour response time

- Timely Quote follow up

- RMA lead

- Best possible Pricing

3. New Website

- A clear picture of how Netria works.

- Easy platform

- Resources you need

- Team Contact Pages

- Tracking Portal

This restructure will help and benefit our customers for the long run. Establishing and maintaining a great relationship.

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