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Interesting Products of May

Despite things beginning to normalize in the world, Netria continued to source some pretty unusual items this month! While April was slow, May brought with it some fun items. Take a peek at some of the things that came through our warehouse:

Silicone Character Face Masks

Netria sourced 10 of these masks this month! Some characters that were purchased include: The Judge, The Secret Agent, The Elder, Mr. Big, and Carmen Electra. While our customer purchased realistic masks, these come in so many varieties from Lord Voldemort to The Night King. We don’t know what these masks will eventually be used for but it’s bound to be a good time whatever it is!

Motorola 2.8” Video Baby Monitor

Netria sourced 350 of these baby monitors! These monitors are being sent to a hospital to allow patients affected by COVID-19 and their families to communicate, despite the strict isolation policies set in place. Netria is very proud to have been a part of providing people with a source of comfort during this unpredictable and disrupting time.

Despite all the craziness in the world, Netria has continued to help our customers source their unexpected and unusual items, in addition to the staple items. We want to thank our customers for being supportive and understanding in these unique circumstances. Continue to stay safe!

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