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Interesting Products of June

As businesses reopen and social activities resume, Netria has continued to source some cool and unusual products for our customers. Take a peek at some of the things that came through our warehouse:

1. Aibo Dog Robot

Quarantining just got more fun with this friendly pal, Aibo, the dog robot! With automatic cloud updating and learning, Aibo develops a personality and responds to how humans react to it. Aibo will learn new tricks, recognize faces, and respond to friendly behavior, just like a real dog would. Aibo can even take pictures and store memories that you can look through with your Aibo app! Freya approves of Aibo!

2. Hummingbird Bit Classroom Bundle

If you’re kids or students are interested in robots, the Hummingbird Classroom is a must! Each drawer contains the materials to build and operate a robot. Each kit can be utilized to: animate a poem, model a human arm, build an autonomous rover, or even create a pinball machine. With three different size kits available (small, medium, or large), you can customize based on the size of your classroom. These kits are suitable for STEM beginners or more advanced programmers and the bundle is sturdy enough to last your students for years.

3. HERO8 Black Waterproof GoPro

You’re familiar with the GoPro, but you’ve not seen it like this before. Completely waterproof with 8 different modification options including a media mod, display mod, and light mod, this GoPro also features a digital lens that has four modes: narrow, distortion-free linear, wide, and super-view. The high powered camera has enhanced features to the regular GoPro including Time Warp 2.0, as well as improved action-shot capabilities. In short, this small camera has a ton of awesome features! If you’re planning on a summer adventure, this is definitely a gadget to have on hand.

4. Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light

Filming a TikTok or posting a new Instagram selfie? This circular light clips directly over the self-camera on your phone to ensure the perfect portrait lighting in any setting! Unlike a typical flash, this light evenly distributes its powerful illumination, making sure you never look blotchy, washed out, or uneven in any selfie! Selfies not your thing? You can even clip this on your laptop to add some light to your zoom meetings. Weighing only 1.9 ounces and featuring 36 LED bulbs, this selfie light is the ultimate phone accessory.

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