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Interesting Products of July

Netria has been busy as ever, sourcing some pretty unique items for our customers. July was no exception, check out some of the unusual products sourced this month!

1. Tumble Tester II by Heina

This robot (made in Finland) tests the shocks, knocks, and falls that may happen to a variety of objects during repair work or rough handling in operational use. The user simply places any item in the Tumble Tester and selects the desired number of falls. Netria sourced the Tumble Tester for a major mobile telecommunication company for testing the durability of their phones. Pretty ingenious use of technology, if you ask us!

2. Typewriter

It may come as a surprise that some professional and law offices still require typewriters for official documents. However, at the end of this month, a request for a typewriter for this purpose came through our office. While an extremely unconventional item for us, the Account Executive worked to make this happen for our customer. Nothing is too weird or crazy to source!

3. Eastsport Multi-purpose Clear Backpack

One of our clients requested 200 of these clear backpacks! Talk about a

blast from the past with these early 2000’s-style bags. These bags are great for sporting events or just for a fun way to carry around your things! While we don’t know the end-user or ultimate purpose for these bags, we’re sure whoever gets them will enjoy their fun style and versatility!

It’s been a month of fun products here at Netria and we always enjoy when something out of the ordinary comes through the warehouse!

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