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Interesting Products from October

Happy Halloween! While we wouldn’t classify any items sourced this month as “spooky” it was certainly an eventful month of sourcing here at Netria! Check out a few of the things sourced this month:

1. Easy Secure Face Station 2

This is a face recognition scanner that comes with a touch screen and card reader! The Face Station 2 is handy for attendance tracking and time sheets, as well as temperature screening. In the world of COVID, keeping track of who’s entered your store/classroom/business has become increasingly more important, as well as, of course, temperature screening! The Face Station 2 combines all these aspects, making it easier for you to get on with your work.

2. EcoFlow Portable Generator

These portable generators allow you to charge ten devices 0% to 80% battery in an hour and the outlet is powerful enough to power most home appliances. The device also is recharged through solar panels, making it very energy efficient. Netria sourced these products for reporters to broadcast the election results remotely, so the application for these devices is pretty wide-ranging!

While it might not have been the most eventful month, in terms of the amount of odd-ball products sourced, our office certainly got a kick seeing these items come through the warehouse! We’re looking forward to seeing what interesting things November brings!

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