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Interesting Products from February

February may have zoomed by, but despite it being a short month, Netria still sourced some off-the-wall products!

Coleman Air Mattress

While an air mattress might seem a little more mundane than usual, it’s still a pretty unique item for us to see, as a company that primarily sources tech-related products. Air mattresses are getting fancier, with rechargeable pumps and velvety-soft sleep surfaces. This air mattress has an airtight system that is factory tested to be leak-free, which means no more waking up with your back on the floor! If you have a camping trip coming up or just need an extra place for guests to sleep (post-pandemic, of course), this air mattress will definitely serve you well!

Gentex Alpha Eagle Flight Helmet

A flight helmet certainly meets the criteria of being unusual and unique! This Gentex Alpha Eagle helmet weighs just over 2 pounds, is constructed of aramid carbon fiber, comes available in 5 sizes (S-XL), comes in 8 colors, features volume control, and includes earphones. We can’t claim to know a lot about flight helmets, but this extensive list of features seems impressive, and should definitely be considered if anyone reading this blog is interested in a top-end flight helmet.

FloWater Water Purifier

The FloWater water purifier is no run-of-the-mill water purifier. This advanced purifier removes 99% of impurities found in tap water, eliminates single-use bottle waste with every refill, and offers crisp-tasting water that customers prefer to regular bottle water 8:10. You might ask how this water filter accomplishes the crisp taste that customers prefer. Well, it features a coconut carbon filter giving the water a fresher taste than the stale water found in regular water bottles. If your office or home is in need of a water filter, the FloWater purifier cannot be beat!

Spot by Boston Dynamics

Spot is a robot! Spot can climb stairs and move through rough terrain but is conveniently sized enough for indoor use. This robot was built to be a customizable platform and has a proven track record of supporting remote operation and autonomous sensing across a variety of industries. Spot is also remarkably intuitive! Spot is very secure, as all messaging between the robot and clients is encrypted. Additionally, Spot is approved for commercial and industrial use. We always love getting robots through our warehouse and Spot definitely is one of the most interesting bots we’ve seen!

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