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February Brought With It Some Interesting Products

February has brought us some weird and wonderful 21st century technology! We sell some unusual items at Netria and can fulfill any non-standard request you throw at us. Here are some interesting gadgets that our customers are bought this month:

1) Gita Robot (in red)

The Gita Robot is the a fun fellow that follows you around, like an automated rolling backpack -- just faster (6 mph-- go Gita!) and more durable (holds up to 40 lbs!). Gita is polite and follows pedestrian etiquette, though is limited to single-level environments. Gita makes your life easier, so you can have more hands free fun!

2) iFlight Bumble Bee CineWhoop Drone

With a GoPro-compatible dock, you can record and explore the earth from new heights. Tight spaces? Indoor places? Small Gaps? This drone can handle them all. So buckle your seatbelts and enjoy your flight.

3) Looking Glass 8.9-inch Holographic Display

THIS IS TOTALLY WICKED… is what our entire office thought when we saw this product!

No longer a thing of the future, the Looking Glass Factory’s Looking Glass Holographic display is the most widely adopted holographic display in history. It can be used for mapping and surveying the earth, or even outer space. It can be used in the medical field for explaining complex concepts in an easy to understand way. It can also be used across marketing platforms to fully illustrate concepts and ideas. The capabilities of the display are endless. Now everyone can feel like James Bond!

It’s been a month of fun gadgets here at Netria, we always enjoy when something out of the ordinary comes through the warehouse. Freya will be coming in next month to inspect some fun new tech. Keep an ear cocked for that.

Thanks for tuning in

-Freya, Netria Office Dog

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