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The days of IT reseller’s only providing servers, printers and computer peripherals have passed. As margins have decreased and end users have started requiring “one stop” solution providers to give a wide variety of products, VARs are now supplying a wide range of products that they have not traditionally sourced from their normal distribution channels. These products can be anything from GoPro’s, drones, ATV’s, dry wall screws, furniture or mops. 


Netria has affectionately termed these types of requests that we get from the VARs we work with as ‘Weird Ware”…anything that is outside the normal channel of requests.  “Weird Ware” is anything that VAR’s need to buy that doesn’t fall into their normal IT distribution channel. Over the past several years Netria has seen an increase in the volume and variety of requests from VARs in the type of products that IT VAR’s would not have been supplying three years ago. 


Netria has become an extension of our customer’s purchasing departments by going out to source all of the “one off” or “weird ware” products or solutions that VAR’s don’t have time to chase, or in some instances can’t purchase. With Netria fulfilling these “weird” product requests, we provide a valuable service for VAR’s by off-loading their purchasing departments from chasing sometimes difficult or “weird” product needs or buying “one off” products like screw drivers or ladders.


Netria continues to provide new, refurbished, discontinued or hard-to-find IT products, we have also successfully carved out a niche for our customers by supplying those “weird” product requests. 

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