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Products & Services

Our Products

When you come to us with an RFQ for a certain product, we leverage our 15+ years of experience and partnerships to source that specific product. Whether that be from a leading IT manufacturer or a consumer/retail product. Have a need for a computer parts, switch, tablet or router – we can source those products. Have any odd/one-off request that is outside IT centric products – we source those too! To learn more about the products and services we offer, reach out to us today!

Our Services

A Concierge can help you get tickets to the hottest show in town or secure reservations for you at the best restaurants.  Netria works just like a concierge in helping with your sourcing needs.  We can find those hard to find products or procure products that are outside your normal channels of distributions.  When you need help finding or buying products, relax and let Netria take care of it for you!

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