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Ben Long, WWT

Thank you for replying quickly and accurately on our quote requests consisting of a wide range of hard to find and difficult to procure products. My team and my customer are very grateful.

Reed Hinko, Insight

The account teams at Netria consistently drive value by providing an exemplary level of support and finding innova- tive way to streamline business and transaction- al processes.

Richard Klein, Insight

Netria provides great customer service along with great pricing, even on those hard to find items. Timely deliveries even on large and bulk shipments. Everyone who I have worked with at Netria has been amazing.

Mark Cooridon, Insight

Netria is the source for all of the items that your client needs that can't be sourced through the traditional channel. The service that Netria provides is exceptional and allows us to be a truly one stop shop for our clients.

Marco Iannuzzi, Insight

Netria has been fantastic. I’ve always gotten fast response and have always done my clientele right. Jeff Pitcher is the person I go to for everything that I can’t find. He’s awesome and glad that Netria Corp is a company that I can go to in order to source the products for my clients.

Geoff Zoeller, Connection

Craig is an industry professional and a strategic partner.  He and his team handle a large volume of requests from me and my team.  The do so with speed and accuracy. Craig is always flexible with special requests and understands how things work in the Enterprise space.

Randy McCone, Insight

Jeff and the whole team at Netria are always extremely responsive and helpful. They are a huge help when I need to find prices and products quickly and easily. The market I work in is extremely demanding and they are an invaluable asset.

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